Broken to Brave

We help broken people overcome tragedy and rebuild.


Our Story

Simon and Rachel Henry, high school sweethearts who have been married for 12 years, use their journey to help individuals and couples recover from and grow amid the unthinkable. In 2014, three men broke into their house on a night Simon was gone, robbed them, and raped Rachel. For the last four years, they've been on a journey of healing and hope. Now, they're ready to encourage you on the journey from broken to brave by providing personal development, content, speaking engagements, and personal leadership consulting. Their story has been featured on the popular iTunes podcast Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, and elsewhere. 

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Our goal in sharing our story is to be a testimony of God's faithfulness, declaring His goodness and love through our circumstances.  Yet we fully realize that parts of our story may also spur you on to something good, or provide insight that you can use in your own story.  We have compiled a unique blend of topics and conversations that often come up and are excited to share with you about our journey of hope and liberation. 

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